Time Commitment: 5 Minutes

Sponsor a Local Directory

We are building Local Directories all across the country. Each directory needs a sponsor to help cover the costs of initial set up, hosting, and on-going maintenance. You can sponsor a directory in full or join with others to support a project already in progress.

Check to see if your city is listed, or learn more about our Directory project.

Local Directory Sponsorship
Time Commitment: 1-3 Hours Per Week

Volunteer Staff

Facebook Admin
Python Developer
Twitter Admin
Time Commitment: 10-30 Hours Per Month

Fundraising Coordinators

Are you a Social Butterfly?

Fundraising Coordinators are by far the most crucial position for Non-profits.

If you have a passion for helping foster kids and a talent for bringing people together, we would love to talk to you.

Please call one of our Directors at 1-951-638-4363

Or contact us here
Time Commitment: 8-16 Hours Per Month

Resource Coordinators

Do you know of a program, business, or charity that provides services to aged out foster kids? If so you can help in a big way by adding that resource to the Local Directory in the city it serves.

Just go to the National Directory, click the city where the resource exists, then click the Suggest Resource tab on the top right of the Local Directory. Fill in the short form, and we'll do the rest.

Go to the National Directory
Time Commitment: 3 Minutes

Support Temecula's Kids

Donating to Foster for Life’s Program Fund, allows us to serve our local population. We developed a network of services, resources, and community support that helps former Foster Youth living in Temecula thrive as they transition out of care.

100% of program funds are allocated to program implementation and development in Temecula Valley.

Go To Support Local Programs
Time Commitment: 10 Minutes Per Week

Spread the word, in person

In our modern world of electronic communication, sharing group information is accessible, instant, and necessary. Yet, for all the advantages that sharing online provides for speed and reach, it severely lacks the persuasiveness needed to motivate measured action.

The most effective cure for apathy is giving an impassioned plea to a friend in a connected conversation. Sharing your passion, planning for the next steps, and following through is the path that creates action.

Foster for Life is a community project. We are building a model of voluntary action to try and solve a complex social issue, and we hope to spread this model across the country as a real solution for foster kids leaving care.

Please help us spread the word by sharing your passion for helping foster kids with your community of friends and family

Spread the word, online

Now that we poo-poo'd online sharing in the above paragraph, we're now going to ask you to share online. We did say it was necessary.

Please do share, like, follow, and interact with us online, because you never know who is watching. Even if it's just a slim chance that a post, tweet or story gets in front of a kid in need, it's well worth the effort of sharing.

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