Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is to help foster kids thrive as they transition from foster care to independence.

We all age out of care, it’s just that most of us age out of our parents home. Asking what helped you succeed in transitioning to adulthood, or not, begins to answer how we can help foster kids do the same. In some sense, we are all experts on the subject.

Did you have a connection with a caring adult that taught you some basic life skills? like how to pay bills, cook, change a tire or laundry. Maybe you learned those things by yourself but were given the access and freedom to figure it out. How did you learn how to get a job or get your drivers license, find friends, have relationships or keep yourself healthy?

We already have a great roadmap on how to help, we just have to do it.

Our Philosophy is to help kids in the ways they want to be helped; no lectures, expectations or requirements. We want kids to seek us out because they trust us, and they crave the connection and respect we give them.

Adults control kid’s lives in general. Kids interests and desires are rarely considered when decisions are made for them, and this is evidenced by the overwhelming attendance at school, as one example. Adults can argue all manners of justification for making these decisions for kids, however, rationalization is not the same as recognition.

Foster kids are controlled almost wholly. They are parented by a Government institution, for the most part, and this level of control amplifies an already too stressful life. Imagine the frustration if you had to make a DMV appointment to get permission to go to the movies or to get your hair cut. The foster care system fails because it’s an institution, it cannot have a child’s best interest in mind, because a system is mindless.

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